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Dear clients, 


I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic break over Christmas and new year. 


We resumed dog walking at the start of this week, on January the 9th, and so far 2023 has been pretty spectacular ☀️

Understandably, a lot of you are away throughout January. We appreciate everyone who has confirmed the dates they would like to resume dog walking and would just like to request that anyone who hasn't yet confirmed, to do so when possible. We also have availability for causal bookings most days if anyone would like to book additional walks.

We are still a little behind on billing so the plan is to process billing for walks between the period of 14/11/22 to 23/12/22 tomorrow, on Friday 13th of January. After that, we should be in a position to return to fortnightly billing. Thank you for your patience with this throughout 2022. It was a challenge to keep on top of it as we were short staffed for most of the year.

The pricing structure will be updated as of next week. The prices shown here will apply to all walks from 16th January 2023. Please let me know if anything requires clarification. We have changed how the discount is structured so it now applies to regular bookings of 4 or more days per week. The price change is due to the rising cost of fuel, wages/superannuation, insurance etc. Based on the prices of other local dog walkers we are positioned competitively and we're not planning any further increases this year. 

Finally, after putting it on hold for some time, we will be returning to posting photos of the dogs on our Facebook and Instagram page from next week. So give us a follow if you haven't already. 


Many thanks!

The Pet Butler team

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